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Former LCCC vice president testifies at wrongful termination hearing

CHEYENNE Jim Cook said he inherited a division fraught Viagra Perth Buy with liability risks Discount Cialis Online when he started his job at Laramie County Community College.

LCCC President Darrel Hammon hired Cook in 2007 as vice president of student services. Hammon fired him on Aug. 26, 2009.

Cook testified for about seven hours Monday during the third and final day of testimony in his public wrongful termination hearing. College trustees heard testimony March 26, this past Saturday and Monday.

When Cook started, the student services division did not comply with some federal regulations, such as student privacy laws.

LCCC's default rate on student loans was 14 percent, about three times the national average, he said.

There was pretty much open warfare between departments in his division and a "great amount of disarray that disturbed me very much," he said.

On his first day on the job, he learned he was to be the director of counseling. He didn't have any experience in that area and worried about lawsuits from parents and students, he said.

He said he consulted with Hammon, who told him to budget for the position for the next year.

Cook said he faced a tremendous workload. The load led to problems with both his mental and physical health.

He suffered a growing level of exhaustion but found it hard to sleep. He was depressed "Comprar Gh Jintropin" and anxious. Yet Hammon increased his workload, he said.

Hammon testified Saturday about the reasons he fired Cook. Among them were that Cook missed overseeing an important student discipline hearing, that Cook asked his employees if he could borrow their credit cards for his personal use and that he promised employees jobs that didn't exist.

Cook's lawyer, Greg Hacker, asked Cook to explain these and other issues Monday.

The working relationship between Hammon and Cook slid downhill after Cook and other LCCC leaders took their concerns to a trustee, Cook said.

Hammon also was upset with Cook's refusal to edit out parts of a college CARE Team report critical of Hammon. The report was about undisclosed events on a student trip to Costa Rica. Hammon was a chaperone on the trip.

Cook asked for a medical leave in March 2009. On Monday, LCCC lawyer Robert Jarosh asked him if he used the time off to search for another job instead. Cook said he looked for a job earlier, but not during his medical leave.

Cook took some heat from Jarosh related to his work with an online university. Cook said he spent only a few minutes a day on the online work while at LCCC.

And Cook defended his action of asking employees he supervised if he could use their credit cards for his personal use. He said he did so because he needed money quickly to get his son home.

Cook said he considered the employees to be friends and had socialized with them and their families.

His adult son whom "jintropin bestellen china" he didn't talk to often called him at work one day, "buy cheap jintropin online" saying he wanted to come home. His son was in a religious group in Arkansas that Cook described as a type of cult. But Cialis 20 Mg When To Take on that day, Cook had left his credit cards at his home in Fort Collins, Colo.

He couldn't buy an airplane ticket for his son. He was afraid to drive to his home because he didn't think his son would communicate with him that long, he testified.

"I was desperate to get him home," he said.

He wrote a check on the spot to his employee, who agreed to loan him her credit card, he said.

Hammon also faulted him for missing an important student disciplinary hearing on Feb. 25, 2009, which he was to oversee.

But Cook said he woke up that morning and simply couldn't do it.

"I was burned out," he said.

Another employee filled in "Buy Jintropin" at the last minute, but she complained that it put her in a difficult position. She said she wasn't trained to do it, and the student appealed the decision in court.

Cook told some people he was there on campus that day. But at the hearing Monday, he said he was wrong and that he was at home.

Cook also said he never promised jobs to employees. He did talk to them about possible new jobs, but the positions never came about because of budget cuts, he said.

Lawyers for Cook called Laramie County Community College Public Relations Director Lisa Murphy to the stand Monday morning. She testified that the president's cabinet members went to Trustee Greg Thomas several months ago with concerns. Cook was a part of the cabinet, along with other vice presidents and two "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" directors.

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